Why are we making an entire post about the start menu? It's the most overlooked page of any game. People usually just quickly click through to get to the game.

Two reasons:

First, we want to show you we're actually working on the game. This isn't a pipe dream for us. We're putting the work in. Second, we want to give you an idea of the people we are, and the game we're building. As you can see from the screenshot, we have a bug reports section and a work in progress section. Most development teams hide what they're working on, and deny bugs until they're FORCED to deal with them. That's not us. At the completion of each Alpha stage the "Work in Progress" will have a new set of goals that we will accomplish before moving on to the next stage. This list will mature and expand. You've heard some people talk about a 100 page change log and feature list. Well, you'll see it every step of the way. As for the bugs, there will be two sections: confirmed bug reports (where one of our testers was able to replicate the error) and unconfirmed reports (where people have submitted a report, but it has not yet been confirmed by a tester).

In game, there will be a bug button where you can click to send a message with all of the details of the bug you're experiencing (we need as many details as possible). The system will collect server and client logs to push them over to our bug database. Pending review, our testing team will then go through the bug reports in the order they receive them, and try to replicate/debug them. Once they have been replicated they will be sent directly to the development team to fix them.

We can't always promise we'll immediately fix a bug. For example, if we decide we are going to change the way electricity works, and a bug is reported for the way electricity CURRENTLY works, we will use our judgement, and complete the new way, effectively solving both issues. However, if a bug is game breaking we will definitely give it immediate attention.

If it's something we can't replicate, we will reach out to the reporter. A remote session with them may help see when the error first was identified, and give us a clearer picture of the conditions. Our ultimate goal is to make sure every user of the game has a fantastic time, and want to remain in Eden. The "About the Game" section will be a simplified wiki to help people get information about different components, without having to leave the game screen. Certain "unlock cinematics" will also be there.

The credits will display everyone who has helped the game come to life, including all of our contributors (who I'm  we will owe everything to). "Connect to Server" will initiate a server lookup at Alpha launch. We will be running 15 servers, and we are also talking with a few hosts who we will license to build a dedicated server, so they can host users with full access to everything the game has to offer.

"Continue Game" will give a list of games saved and a list of the servers you have previously connected to. You won't have to try to remember which server you played on, or what IP to connect to, they will all be there. New game will start character creation, and take you to the tutorial areas (more on that later).

Anyway, I hope this shows you that we're serious about this. Your happiness is our main priority. Yes, we want the game to go gold, but we're not going to forget about the people who made it happen. We are gamers like you, and we want to be as transparent as possible about this game. We hope we will be remembered for being the most interactive development team ever.