Around 250 years ago, the invention of cybernetic implants changed the world forever. Shortly thereafter, cybernetics were administered to all military personnel to help regulate the soldier's health, and also provide CPR shocks to restart the heart in case of emergency. In the last 250 years this technology has grown to be able to convert excess food directly into "health" by converting it into exactly what each damaged cell in the body needs, and then injecting it. It can even resurrect the dead and teleport them to a safe area!

In honor of the games of "Old Earth" this procedure is nicknamed "respawn". It's a very costly procedure, and is also very hard on the body, but as they say in the IMC "it's better than a dead soldier!" When a soldier respawns, he or she loses all of their short term memory. Often very talented professionals have been reduced to complete dummies when they are respawned. They'll forget things like locations, codes, map discoveries, even forgetting people they've recently talked to. By no means is respawn a method for returning home quickly, it's more of a last resort to ensure the IMC doesn't have to pay death gratuities.

With years of improvements to health, you can even hear whispers on the streets about special human implants on the black market. There's not much information on what they do, but some people believe they can provide strength boosts and rapid learning enhancements. These were outlawed because for every "upgrade" a person received, their overall functionality was reduced. I guess those little bugbots can only do so much.

The Game

This is a survival game. We're creating the Alpha that way, but that may be made into the "hardcore version" if too many people don't like it. There are some caveats to the survival though. Player kills won't initiate a full wipe of progress, but if you allow a PvE or environmental challenge to kill you, there will be punishments.

We're using the lore to maintain the realism associated with the game (by that, I mean suspension of disbelief). We know cybernetics don't exist, but in the context of the game, they are viable. We'll maintain health codes, such as "if you are over 80% fed, you will regain health over time". It will allow us to specialize characters and give extra perks in the mid to late game.


Once a Cyberlab is found, you can initiate training for your cybernetics to reduce the effectiveness of its general stats, and use bugbots to specialize in areas of your choice (like increased stamina, strength, or a skill, like lock picking or code breaking). There will be many perks to choose from, but you will only be able to select five. This helps create a diverse team of players to encourage a fun player experience. No one perk will be a "game winner" or an "automatic loss", but they will provide slight advantages.

This has been a quick insight into the cybernetic and respawn mechanics for Saving Eden. Remember to sign up for our forums to discuss what YOU think of these ideas.