How many Alphas have you played? How many times have you a followed a project three quarters of the way, only to find the entire project suddenly getting dumbed down and simplified under the banner of uniformity? All the special gems of the game you've been following are replaced for simplified dirt. Then, just before release you hear it: they've added a console release.

Don't get me wrong, consolers are GREAT for the budding gamer. A lot of hardcore gamers use consoles for select games. The problem is when you simplify something you've already made great just to line your pockets with cash. It's a lucrative, but often game destroying move.

At SE3 Productions, we won't do that. We can already tell from the assets we have that this game will be too big for a console. We won't stop creating, adding, and innovating new content and features just to satisfy our wallets. We are making this in three builds, and three builds only: PC, Mac, and Linux. Each one will be worked on until its stable before release, and then we will start work on the next release. When it comes to inventing new ways of doing things in Saving Eden, consoles won't be a factor.

The only thing we could conceivably do, is after the game is already a success, we would build a console version from the ground up and release it under a different title. That way, we will never compromise our three main versions. Barring that, in order to protect the integrity of the game, we won't be releasing it under any consoles.