Well, good news and bad news on this one. The good news is this place is going to look awesome. The bad news is it’s not quite as awesome as this. This one was taken when we were using 8 voxel to a block. Then we changed that to 6 per block to ease up on rendering time. The only real changes from this picture are that there is one less row of glass and less chimney points. Everything else in the shot has managed to stay. What we have done here is given one of Eden’s main cities an industrial feel.

This industrial city has been in ruin for a long time. If you’re not careful you may fall through the floor, trigger a collapse, or many other environmental dangers. Bandits are known to frequent these cities looting and raiding. Most of the time they’ll leave you alone, but you know how temperamental bandits can be. You may not want to risk spending too much time here.

This place will be accessible from day one, but it isn’t considered a starting area. The loot is considerably better, but the adversaries you’ll face are significantly stronger. If you venture in day one, you may get some loot that will set you up for a while, but by not being prepared you will most likely die.