Saving Eden Insiders

The insider program gives you insight and news about the development process  and allows you to be apart of decision making ( we have an overall vision for our game so we have final say of course) this program is for the avid gamer who really wants to be apart of the games development on a deeper level, this isn't for the anxious player hoping for the quicker fix of game content, and its not your regular level of alpha opt-in players there will be periods of time where no new content is pushed to the insiders its more for discussions with the developers seeing how decisions are being made and giving your input, open think tanks/discussion with the developers on proposed features and then whats involved in implementing and re-balancing the game after that feature. Insiders will be given special access to in progress development builds, however they will mostly  be unplayable, it will be for example, we just added the debris effect new build published A0.1.13.63 access code hghf-0werf-345f-643d-gudg  try it out now and see how you lick it . please give feedback in the insider section of the forums. you will get a special color on your forum posts to show you are an insider and the insider title on the forums, you will receive a weekly digital newsletter ( fancy talk for email) highlighting that weeks progress problems/solutions and new ideas, we will also be picking the majority of our forum moderators from the pool of insiders.

People who wont like the insder program.
An Early access gamer who want to play the latest game before release. ( wait till the alpha launch and be a alpha early access player)
someone wanting the latest and greatest of games
Someone on a low end pc/mac/linux machine ( the game will not be optimized in the insider builds)
Someone who suffers from lag on many other games

People who will like the insider program.
Press/bloggers who want the inside scope of what Saving Eden will be about.
People truthfully interested in the game development process
People who want to support the project knowing full well it will be some time before something playable is in available.
Server hosts who want to ensure their setup is compatible and ready for the multiplayer environment and have dedicated servers ready to rent for launch.


How to become a insider

A Limited supply of Free insider access passes are available for people we deem beneficial, very high subscription you-tubers members of the associated press  bloggers, and games testers with a history of testing to request a free pass send an email to with the subject "free insider" and explain why you should receive a free pass.

A Donation of $35 - This is a donation to the project, your not buying the game your helping to fund the project. for that you will receive:
Access to any builds we publicly release
insider testing  builds
development discussions
developer think tanks
Insider forum access
Insider highlight ( font color and title) on forums.
Weekly newsletter
Access to Alpha builds if/as and when available
Access to Beta builds if/as and when available
A copy of the release game on cd signed if and when it goes gold