Month: June 2016

Welcome to Saving Eden


  • Story Overview

    Work In progress- video to be addedNew Eden, Earth's first interstellar colony lost contact with Earth 150 years ago, shortly after a massive solar flare was reported. Sadly, the colony was presumed lost. 6 months ago, at the IMC ( Interstellar Marine Corp) a garbled message was recovered. It came through on a now unused carrier wave, which is probably why it has taken 149.7 years to arrive.

    ( The transmission will be disturbing. I am in talks with a motion production team to finalize it.) It will basically be a broken up message from the colonist giving a few details of the situation and a desperate plea for help.

    The situation currently, is we have tried sending several. large relief crafts to the colony, but it seams the defence system is acting haywire and targeting our S1 class ships misinterpreting them as asteroids and blowing them out of existence. Currently, we are gathering groups of Marines, Engineers, Doctors, and Construction workers to go in under the radar to try to reach the colonists. You will need to select and prove your profession before setting out ( tutorial on controls ect. and class selection will be detailed) Once there your mission is to secure any resourceful assets, rescue any viable survivors, make detailed reports on what happened. The most critical factor is to survive and establish contact! With you on board, ""I know that that Eden can and will be saved"".


  • World Type

    Voxel based (Unity 5) 3d fully destructible world.Unity 5 is the benchmark in modern gaming. The textures and shaders available, combined with the use of multiple languages, allow for worlds we have never before imagined

  • The World

    The World of New EdenWe will create beautiful, hand crafted, voxel world with a multitude of bio's including: swamps, forests, snowy mountains, abandoned city's, baron desert and radiation zones. However, only 10% of the world will be set in stone for the purpose of the "story". The rest of the game map will be randomly generated and be full sandbox.

  • landmarks

    Discover thousands of landmarks (landmarks or points of interest are prefabricated building areas or scenarios where major events will happen)Discover thousands of landmarks ranging from caves, campsites to cities and skyscrapers replicas of Stonehenge, and alien artifacts. Each and every building can be explored inside and out and/or destroyed. Prevent your enemies from finding the clue you just got.

  • Story Expansion

    Quick insights to were where planning is to take the gameThe story will unfold over 7 planned expansions. Right now, only a rough outline of the expansions are roughdrafted in, to allow for further story development but the expansion set will go from lone survivor to alien incursion to the final "universal truth". Each expansion will have to be unlocked per server via community effort. These will not be paid expansion sets, these be a merit earned expansion. This will help new players learn as the seasoned players will be in a different expansion pack to them.

  • Basic Survival

    Scavenge,loot, build or craft your way to survivalScavenge the world for food and water to maintain your health, food, water and stamina levels. Every thing in the game is usable whether for crafting or as a material towards something grander.

  • Resources

    Farm,hunt or gatherGrow and harvest a variety of crops. Hunt and track or domesticate a multitude of wildlife to live off the land.

  • Steam Concept Released

    Join the project on steamWe have a greenlight concept on the greenlight workshop. Although this is an under utilized place in steam, we think it can really bring our little community together to expand and grow ideas from concepts to working features. The gaming community are who were building this game for, so this will be the best place to make sure the lines of communication are open. greenlight link


I love gaming. If I had my way, it's all I would ever do. But every game out there always seems to lack something, while many, seem to have so much potential. So for years now, I have had this imaginary game developing in my head to which I have benchmarked other games too. Whether it is the skill trees of the 4th Coming© or Rift© or the skill progression of EVE© the NCP's of World of Warcraft© the customized game play of 7 Days To Die©, or the tamable creatures of Ark©. All games get put up against my imaginary game, and always fail somewhere. Over the years my story and game has become almost an epic novel...(one day I may write it). But after years of using it as a benchmark, I decided to put it down on storyboards and conceptualize a game out of it, I relearned all of the coding techniques I already had mastered but instead using them from a business technology side, I went for a more gaming side. I also, mastered the art of the unreal engine as well as a few others including unity. For the last 2 years, I have been chipping away at different tools seldom used by people. If want something impressive, master something that no one else does. I have gotten some great effects from smooth day/night transitions and some really good partical effects for clouds and other weather systems. Unity is perfect, because you can buy an asset, rip it apart to see how they did it and then work on an improved version. I have no qualms about doing this. Everyone stands on the shoulders of others and reaches a bit further. This is what we are doing with every aspect of this game. For a few months, it looked like we were going to get some serious financial backers, but they backed out saying the survival genre is too flooded, to financially back a new upstarter game. I find this hard to swallow, because there isn't that many titles in survival compared with something like Couterstrike© or the other 20,000 similar games out there. We will not quit, we are moving forward with it, slower than we hoped, but with even more firmly dedicated enthusiasm. A small team we may be, but avid gamers making the game we want to play for other gamers. We will succeed and be one of the greatest. As this game is by gamers and for gamers, we want your input every step of the way. Please join our forums and follow our greenlight and be a part of a community made game. Thank you. - Deccypher

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