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Our Features

the benifit of using a cloud connect dashboard, is you get instant data at any webbrowser, while controling the data that is connected with better controls than the native oms application

Strategy Solutions

we have done many case studies in retail wholesale and distrubution within the shoe industry, cellphone accessory industry and the periciable goods industry, the combination of these 3 industrys we belive all the basic tools you need to monitor your business are now at your finger-tips

Digital Design

We put a lot of effort in design, as it’s the most important ingredient of successful website.laying out everythign you need where you intitivly look for it.

Automated Setup

we spent a lot of time decoding and reverse enginering the OMS application and we not fully intergrate with it. so this means setup is as simple as entering your server IP sql port a sql user/pass we suggest you create a new user/pass with read only abilities. unless you take advantage of the more customized options

Trends and Trending

A compleatly new a propitery report that tracked market trends and trending items.

Sales People Tracking

In addition to company dashboard, you can track the effectivness of each of your sales teams, now much discounts they offer what the price levels they use and track their daily weekly and monthly effectiness


We have a support system if ever you have questions or problems post a ticket and we will answer/solve your isses as soon as possiable


All plans are subject to a $249 on time setup fee.



Per login
  • Number of end products 1
  • Customer support
  • Free Updates
  • Basic dashboard

Multi Seat


Per multi seat License
  • Number of end products 6
  • Customer support
  • Free Updates
  • Basic dashboard
  • Sales Rep Tracking



Company wide
  • Number of end products Unlimited
  • Customer support
  • Free Updates
  • Basic dashboard
  • Sales Rep Tracking
  • 1 Custom Report

Trusted by Thousands

The OMS dashboard is now the most trusted source for oms dashboards Designed and build by OMS user cronfrence Guest speak on intergration 2015

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Frequently Asked Questions

This section will expand as questions become frequently asked, for the mean time if you have a question not listed here email email

Q.How easy is the setup?

A. Select your plan and pay. on first login enter your server ip address, sql port / user/ password the database name used for the OMS application ( we suggest if using just the basic dashboard that you create a new user with just read abilities for added security and peach of mind.

Q.What Personaly Identifiable Data do you store?

A. of course we have to keep your connection information comapny name and corporate contact, if using paypal. the subscribtion is managed by paypal and we do not keep your information. if using credit card. then the number will be stored in the most complex encrypted method possiable. Upon deletion of your account all personally identifyable data will be putged, other than recipt information which we have to keep for 7 years due to US tax laws.

Q.Can I use 1 Licence on 2 computers

A. Yes you may use the 1 licence from any webbrowser, uponlogin it will force sign out that user from any other device. so if you want to access your data at home at work and at a meeting you can, sharing 1 licence between many people is not possiable

Q.I have more question do you have a forum?

A. currently we do not we find forums cause more headaches for our customers than it solves, we do review this deccission regualry and if a benifit can be seen then we will add one ,for the mean time if you have a question not listed here email email